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Welcome to Big Bear! Thank you so much for deciding to stay at our cabin.
I grew up in Los Angeles. As long as I can remember I have been coming to Big Bear. I think my first ski trip was with dad at age 7. As years passed the trips became more infrequent, but it always remained a special place in my heart. Now as an adult, l split my time between Las Vegas and LA. My mom and I recently rediscovered this special place and “Winterland” became our passion project and home away from home. This is my first, second home. It represents a dream come true for me and an opportunity to create new memories with my mom and fur kids. I hope it can provide the same for you.
This guest book aims to explore the amenities of this cabin and highlights the many Big Bear features available to you. We have included instructions for cabin equipment, a list of our local restaurants, activities and events, as well as local shops and artists. Tip: The QR codes in this book are also clickable.

We hope you enjoy your stay in our cabin, and find Big Bear Lake to be a great place for fun, relaxation, and full of wonderful new memories!
Joy & Jen
Joy & Jennifer
Faith & Chance
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